Pain Management and Treatment Center

The Pain Management and Treatment Center is devoted 100% to the relief of pain. Pamela Y. Thomas-King, M.D. is the Medical Director.

Dr. Thomas-King is joined by a team of specially trained, highly skilled health care professionals committed to providing quality pain management care in a warm and compassionate environment.

Since 1996, we have demonstrated a commitment to quality and efficient pain management care.

Individualized Treatment Plans

All of our patients’ needs are evaluated before recommending an individualized treatment plan with the ultimate goal of:

  • eliminating or reducing pain;
  • teaching how to manage pain; and
  • improving the overall quality of life

A Medical Practice Dedicated to the Relief of Chronic Pain

Improve Quality of Life

Many people suffering from chronic pain fail to receive adequate treatment. Our first priority is to improve our patients quality of life by developing a tangible, effective treatment plan.

Unparalleled Client Care

The Pain Management and Treatment Center has been treating Milwaukee area residents suffering from chronic pain for over twenty years. Our experience and quality of care are unparalleled.

Treating Chronic Pain

Our staff evaluates, diagnoses and treats chronic pain by working as a team, collaborating upon a single treatment plan with combined expertise and specializations of all.

Individualized Treatment

We understand that no single treatment plan is or should be the same. We develop individualized treatment plans, which include; medical management, physical therapy and counseling.