About Pain Management & Treatment Center

The Pain Management and Treatment Center is devoted 100% to the relief of pain. Pamela Y. Thomas-King, M.D. is the Medical Director. She is joined by a team of specially trained, highly skilled health care professionals committed to providing quality pain management care in a warm and compassionate environment. All of our patients’ needs are evaluated before recommending an individualized treatment plan with the ultimate goal of:

  • eliminating or reducing pain;

  • teaching how to manage pain; and

  • improving the overall quality of life

Our Mission

Our mission is to lessen the chronic, debilitating, all-consuming pain of our patients in order to have a profound impact on improving the quality of their lives. We accomplish our purpose by using a “cutting-edge” multidisciplinary approach built of the solid foundation of an understanding and empathetic relationship with our patients. In accomplishing this, we will sustain and enhance the key relationships in our patients’ lives and be regarded as a significant contributor to our community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enjoy the excellent reputation of serving our patients and the medical community as strong leaders who use “state of the art” thinking in developing “cutting-edge” approaches to dealing with pain, its management and treatment. Our patients will benefit from the best pain management and treatment, secure in the knowledge that we are committed in our relationship to putting their needs first.

Since 1996, we have demonstrated a commitment to quality and efficient pain management care.